On Julia Child and another book giveaway

Happy Labor Day, everyone. Last night our family went to the theatre to see Julie & Julia. We had been waiting for the movie to make it to our area, and it finally did! Much to our pleasure. My daughters and I love to cook, so watching this film was a special delight for us, and made us want to do more with our cooking. I searched Amazon.com as soon as I returned home to see how much Julia Child's cookbook was and was amazed to find it in my price range--of course, the original cookbooks, published in the 1960's sold for over $100, but I don't need an antique. LOL

I am interested in knowing if any of you out there have read her cookbook(s) and whether you use them very often. I've always been intimidated by recipes that use uncommon ingredients or that take me out of my comfort zone (deboning ducks???) Good grief! Please leave a comment below if you have anything to say on this.

Now for the book giveaway. Lynda Schab is giving away a copy of Snow Melts in Spring on her blog - On the Write Track. Go check it out!

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