Weekend in the Flint Hills

My second weekend book signings in the Flint Hills went well. Friday night we signed in Burns, KS at an antique/craft shop called Sticks & Twigs. Sandra Heyman is the owner and has some really neat items for sale, (and I had a hard time not spending all of my money at her shop). LOL There was a quaint restaurant across the street that is run by Mennonites. They serve delicious homemade pies, and their specialty dinner is chicken-fried steak. Very good, I might add.

We woke to rain on Saturday morning, and it continued through most of the day. However, the people at Council Grove were not detoured by a few rain clouds, and they ran their parade as scheduled. I was amazed at how many people turned out for Washunga Days with their rain coats and umbrellas--and a few brave souls walked around in their t-shirts, completely soaked. Smiles were abundant, as were food vendors. I couldn't resist trying a funnel cake--one of my favorite junk foods at events like this. We also had some tasty Bierocks for lunch--again, very good! I signed books that afternoon at Valerie's Gifts & Such. Valerie has some lovely items in her store as well--and again, I had to hold on to my purse so I wouldn't spend all my money there.

All in all, the weekend was a success. Good food, good friends, and nice sales. Thank you, Julane, for letting me stay at your home. I'll post tomorrow about our upcoming plans for this weekend--another book launch, but this time in my hometown.