Trip to the Flint Hills

I always enjoy my visits to the Flint Hills. This time I was fortunate enough to stay with a writing friend who lives there so was able to make it a two-day event. She introduced me to some lovely people in Cottonwood Falls, Council Grove and Burns and then of course we had to get off on a few side roads to see the pastures.

Some of the ranchers are still burning pastures, so there was often a haze in the sky, and it looked odd when one side of the road was charcoal and the other bright green. The flint rock really stands out after the pastures have been burned, and it always surprises me how rocky the ground is.

We saw several lines of pot trucks (big cattle semis) on the roads delivering cattle for the transient grazing season. On my way home, I met a herd being driven on the road to their pasture. The steers swarmed my truck, probably thinking it was suppertime. The trailing cowboy was nice enough to let me take his picture.

Stay tuned for information about my Flint Hills Book Launch party to be held in June. I'm really looking forward to it!