Ten Things I've Learned about Writing

10 things I've learned since I began writing the Great American Novel, twenty-three years ago in high school:
  • I've always heard to "write what you know," but I'll add to that, "write what is on your heart."
  • Join writer's groups and critique groups to hone your knowledge of the craft.
  • Networking with writers, agents, and editors is important. Plan to attend at least one conference a year.
  • Not only do you need a good handle on basic grammar and style, but your ideas and plotlines must be fresh and interesting to break into today's market.
  • Learning never stops--always study the craft. Read books and magazines, take an online writing course or one from a local college, and attend writer's workshops.
  • You can't give up. The only writer who succeeds is the writer who doesn't give up.
  • 90% of the battle is completing the book.
  • Your work doesn't end once the book is written. Marketing is a huge word in today's publishing world.
  • Not everyone needs an agent, but having one may help you get published.
  • Let God be your guide. Request his help and guidance as you write, each and every day.