Zula Bennington Greene

Skimming the Cream, by Zula Bennington Greene. This is a book I've been reading as research of the Flint Hills. In 1983, Mrs. Greene celebrated fifty years as Peggy of the Flint Hills (an editorial column appearing in the Topeka Capital Journal), by publishing a collection of "the cream of her observations." Within these pages are years of recorded events that shaped America, held together by her poignant, poetic voice that will make you smile and laugh. Here is a taste of what I mean ~ "The scent of honeysuckle in the dark calls up memories of years long gone, memories that fly through the mind in a kaleidoscope of change from peak to peak--the pleasure, the pain, the errors, regret, all mingled together in a feeling that is none of them and all of them." ~from Honeysuckle - June 15, 1957. If you'd like, you may order this out of print book from Amazon.com. ~ Zula Bennington Greene ~ 1895-1988.