Clover Cliff Bed & Breakfast

On the 14th of February, my husband and I celebrated our eighteenth year of marriage. A few years ago, on our anniversary we took a little trip into the Flint Hills. At that time, I was just starting my research for Snow Melts in Spring, the first book in a contemporary series Seasons of the Tall Grass.

Part of my research included staying at the Clover Cliff Ranch, a Bed'n Breakfast built in 1860, near Elmdale, KS. This charming spot hosts thousands of acres of rolling prairie grassland with miles of trail and lots of history. The proprietors, Jim and Joan Donahue were very helpful, answering many questions I had about ranch life in the Flint Hills.

You might find several similarities between this place and John McCray's Lightning M Ranch, my protagonist's father's home.