April 13, 2011

Wild Horses

I've been doing quite a bit of research lately for my third book, Blades of Autumn, which yes, I am still writing. The research involves long-term pasturing of wild horses, which seems to be a hot topic in America today. Fortunately, there is much information to be found on the Internet--I just have to wade through it all in order to get what I need for my story.

What is long-term pasturing and why is it such a hot topic? Long-term pasturing, formerly known as long-term holding facilities, is when older mustangs are shipped to large, privately-owned pastures to live out their days. The BLM does this as a way to control the heavily populated mustang herds in the West as well as manage the forage for them there. Who pays for this--the government, ie. tax-payers. Some believe this is an inhumane way to treat the mustangs (fencing them in), while others believe it's not cost-effective (from what I can tell, it seems to be less expensive than other options, which btw, also costs tax-payer money.)

Interestingly enough, their are long-term pasturing facilities in the Flint Hills. Here is a recent story that ran in the Wichita Eagle about such a place. While there, be sure to check out all the photos that went with the story. 

So readers, how do you feel about the Wild Horses?
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