December 13, 2010

Gingerbread Houses

Having three daughters, I’ve been blessed to share many wonderful traditions during the Christmas season—tea parties, music recitals, building gingerbread houses, and so much more. When I find myself tempted to give up one of these traditions, my daughters are usually there to keep me in line. That's what my youngest did this year when I mentioned not building a gingerbread house. At her downcast face, I buckled.

We went to the Dollar Store and bought an armful of candies in all shapes and sizes. Skittles, peppermint sticks, colored marshmallow trees, nutcracker soldiers . . . you get the idea. Visions of a grand gingerbread castle filled my mind . . .

Then we went home, and I baked the gingerbread, realizing that a small cottage would do.

Here's the house we ended up with. 

And here are a few gingerbread houses from our past . . .




Blessings to you as family traditions are fulfilled in your household this Christmastime.
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